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Hi, I’m Hellen!

Communication & marketing strategist, music lover, art fan,
dedicated to having a positive impact and helping others succeed

A Brazilian girl who left home as a recent grad and landed in Toronto, Canada with many dreams and two suitcases. There, I continued working and growing professionally, developed a large network of contacts, and established a career in my industry giving my best to every job, every client, and every project. In Toronto, I also met my lovely husband, my best friend and biggest fan since 1998.

I’ve worked in communications and marketing since 1992, starting my career in advertising agencies and marketing firms in Brazil and then in Canada, later working for 16 years in the social/non-profit sector. I’m a well-rounded professional, with skills and experience overseeing branding, strategic planning, digital marketing, graphic design & art direction, audio/video production, and much more.

At the end of 2019, I crossed the Atlantic to spend some time in Lisbon, Portugal, where I fell in love with its bustling cultural scene. This time also sparked in me the idea to use my professional skills and experience – along with my passion for music, art, and culture – to work with a number of talented individuals to launch (or improve) and grow their digital presence in a way that is focused and more aligned with their goals.

I want to help you reach more people and optimize the process to reach your goals.

This was a refreshing shift in my career and one that I’m super excited about. The cogs in my head are always turning. I am constantly observing things and thinking about how to present them in a better, more attractive, more interesting way, how to get to the right audience, etc.

I know that a business mindset is not something that comes naturally to many people, and I am offering that missing link! I started working with musicians and artists, complementing their talent with my skills. Since then, I’ve also been contacted by non-profits and businesses of different sizes, who became interested in my work and my approach.

I continue to learn each day, trying to improve myself and the tiny part of the universe that I can touch, working towards the goal of bringing growth to more people.

My work offers opportunities to promote entertainment, education and learning, plus a variety of products and services. I focus on improving communications, developing creativity and connections with others, understanding different human experiences and identities. I strive to connect with people in different environments while doing what I do best as a marketing and communications exec – and I believe that a lot of good things will come from these partnerships.

So, that brings me to YOU. If you found me, you already took the first step. I’m here for you and to try and make a difference in your present and future. I hope to be able to help you reach your goals, expand your potential, and present your best self online.

You have your passion, I help you bring it to the world!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I’d love to hear from you and see if we are a good fit to work together. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn, let’s connect there or send me a message using this form.

I’m thrilled you came by and so excited about the possibilities ahead!

With love and gratitude,